I have been doing business since 2007 as ASD of Vermont and I have installed over a thousand systems throughout Vermont.  I only install mitigation systems, I'm not a general contractor, a home inspector, nor do I have any other jobs.  My business has grown steadily each year, based on the service I provide.  My success is based on the success of my systems and customer satisfaction.  I have not had any systems that have failed to reduce the levels below 4 pCi/L, based on my design. Over the past several years I have been called to repair or replace competitors systems which have failed to reduce the radon levels.  I pride myself on my knowledge and my skills as a certified mitigator.  I work with builders, ensuring new homes have a proper passive system as well as designing and installing retrofit systems.  Like any good service company, I don't give quotes over the phone and I stand by my work.   I ensure that real estate transactions go smoothly making sure to keep both parties involved in the process.